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A salute to friends of "Star Survivors"

Here is a thing you learn when you write a book: People are really nice. 

(c) Amy Gutierrez

(c) Amy Gutierrez

For example, that most-excellent photo was taken by my friend Amy Guiterrez. She was one of the dozens of extremely kindhearted people who showed up to the first-ever public event for Revenge of the Star Survivors. 

Those people not only showed up, they actually bought the book. Sometimes multiple copies. And to my face, they said nice things. 

How did I reward them? Well, I made them listen to me talk for a long time. And then I made them look like dorks in public. Here's the view from where I stood: 

Another thing you learn when you write a book is that when you appear before a crowd of people and tell them to, say, re-enact a moment from the story and have them do a Star Survivors salute -- touch two fingers to your heart and then, thumb extended, hold your right hand up and point toward the stars  -- they will actually do it. 

I think this is awesome. I think they are awesome. Thanks, everyone! I hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me.