It all started when...


Middle school meets the Dark Side in this painfully funny survival story of social misfit Clark Sherman. 

When Clark crash-lands on the inhospitable planet of Festus Middle School, he soon learns the natives don't take kindly to newcomers . . . particularly ones who practice Jedi mind tricks and follow nerdy TV shows like Star Survivors. As he faces a conspiring group of violent bullies, browbeaten teachers and a fiendish principal, Clark knows he'll be lucky just to survive eighth grade.

Then, hope appears on the horizon: there is Les, the enigmatic boy who seems to disappear at will; Ricki, a fellow Star Survivors fan; and the independent-minded librarian, Ms. Beacon. When Clark and his newfound allies are imperiled, he gathers his courage and the consequences of his actions ripple through the galaxy in life-altering ways.


"(An) entertaining and empathic debut ... the real heart of the story is in its complex characters, tongue-in-cheek tone, and emotional honesty."

– Publishers Weekly


"... readers will find themselves rooting for Clark, Les, and Ricki." 

Kirkus Reviews


"Quick pacing and wry wit give this title appeal beyond the sci-fi universe."

– School Library Journal



"I LOVED this book. One of the best middle-grade books I’ve read in a while. It’s smart, funny, painfully awkward and I couldn’t put it down. ... Revenge of the Star Survivors, written by Michael Merschel, is quirky and fun and everything a middle-grade book should be."


–  Three Show Saturday 

"Revenge of the Star Survivors resonates with children and adults alike.

– Emily Vernon, Texas Book Festival