Looking for an editor?

He has been without any close competition the best editor I’ve been privileged to work with in 45 years of writing for publication – unfailingly reasonable, with a laser focus on just what needs fixing or clarification.
— Scott Cantrell, classical music critic and Pulitzer juror.
Best editor I ever had, and it’s not really close.
— Chris Vognar, former culture critic, The Dallas Morning News.
Mike was one of the best editors – of any kind – I have encountered in the business. And I was in it for almost 50 years.
— Bill Marvel, journalist, art critic and author

If you’ve come to this page, you probably know him as a novelist. But Michael Merschel is also a journalist who spent 25 years at The Dallas Morning News, including 12 as editor of books coverage.

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To contact him about freelance or other opportunities, email him at revengeofthestarsurvivors@gmail.com.