Texas Institute of Letters likes 'Revenge of the Star Survivors'

When I first heard of the Texas Institute of Letters, I envisioned a museum. Something like the Met but with pedestals featuring large, soft sculptures , in the manner of Sesame Street, of the alphabet. ("Over here we have an excellent D; now if you follow me, we'll explore the Hall of Vowels.")

It turns out it is nothing like that at all. It's a serious and well-respected group whose members are a lot of really excellent writers with Texas connections. 

So it's a real honor – and I say that humbly, not as a brag – to be able to say that the group has given Revenge of the Star Survivors its 2018 H-E-B/Jean Flynn Award for Best Middle Grade Book.

Any thanks that I expressed would probably sound overly gushy, so let me just leave you with a song from Willie Nelson, who was just elected to the institute this year. 



Michael Merschel