Oh my gosh, it's full of nerds (an interview with the Nerdy Book Club)

First of all, we all need to celebrate the fact that there is a thing called the Nerdy Book Club. The characters in Revenge of the Star Survivors would definitely be charter members of the Festus Middle School Chapter. 

Second, we need to celebrate author Kate Hannigan, who alerted me to the existence of the Nerdy Book Club. Kate – whom I knew in her previous life as a journalist – is the award-winning author of The Detective's Assistant, a wonderful book marred only by a complete absence of lasers and spaceships, but the heroine is so cool and smart that you won't really mind. 

And finally, we need to thank Kate for interviewing me for the Nerdy Book Club. Unlike Groucho Marx, I am happy to belong to a club that would have me as a member. This one, at least. 




Michael Merschel