Strange discovery made on notecard

A terrific editor named Kelly did a lot to transmorgify Revenge of the Star Survivors from a rather poorly formatted Word document into the lovely book you will see in stores next week. 

I knew she was good with words. But it turns out, she is also an excellent doodler. Here is a detail from a card she sent me. The red parts are the company's logo, which has a wonderful history that involves dragons. The blue bits are Kelly's. 



I just hope she does not get in trouble for defacing Holiday House company letterhead that way. 

The doodle arrived with a box of books. Which look like this: 


I realize that most people will not find a box of books to be all that exciting. Especially when they are all the same book. I mean, if you were stranded on a distant planet, it could get kind of boring, reading the same book over and over again. 

But I was somewhat pleased to see this box anyway.

(And if anybody reading this would like to order their own box of book, that can be arranged.)

Michael Merschel